Contact your account manager

Please contact your account manager to get the final details of your position: salary, working hours, working conditions, etc. Thank you.

Our next step is the compilation of your official application along with all relevant documents (your Employment Pass application In relation to this, you will receive full cooperation from us. In the mind of the deadline, your documents must arrive at the employer’s company as soon as possible.

List of your personal documents:

1. Your certificate of employment (if you have this document). If you do not have a scanner – use your camera from your PC or phone (but please send clear and legible copies).

2. Latest CV (if it hasn’t already been provided)

3. Diploma

4. Recommendations (if you have this document)

5. Certificate of Trainer programs (if you have this document)

6. Copies of passport or ID

7. TOR (Transcript Of Record, if you have this document)

List of the additional documents (strongly recommended):

  • Work permit AF (AF – Application form)
  • Social Number AF
  • Health Insurance Application form
  • Europass CV
  • Number of the registration in the State Labour office of Ireland (it must be written in the documents)


The above documents along with your personal documents will form your Employment Pass application (according to our Terms & Conditions).

For your eventual successful work transfer your next steps should be:

If you intend to prepare the documents on your own without any outside help – then you should contact our Live Chat Support to learn the deadline for your position. NOTE! You should search online and fill in all forms that are attached above Work permit AF, Social Number AF, etc. In order for your eventual future application for work permission, visa, etc. not to be rejected at the beginning (without any due consideration of your documents), please attach ONLY the forms that are up-to-date to today. You must be careful about the accurate appendix/form that has been predicted for your profession/category and status – sometimes there are two almost identical forms: in this case, so that your application isn’t rejected, you must carefully read and fill in the precise form, relevant to your case.

If you chose this option please click here and contact our Support Team.

(recommended) If you intend to use the services of a specialized company (we hereby recommend a cheap company that our clients usually use) and you are now ready to order and pay 28.70 euros (1.820 Ph pesos) for your Employment Pass application – then click here, pay and follow the Documents / Visa Agency’s instructions. Your Employment Pass application will be ready in up to 1-2 business days.

In that way you will avoid the risk of missing the deadline; You (but us too) will be certain that your documents will not be rejected because of some minor error or oversight, or an irrelevant / wrong form.

If you choose this option please click here and secure your Employment Pass application on time.



What do we expect from you?

To choose one of the two ways mentioned above and to compile your Employment Pass application in the next few days. Once compiled, your documents must arrive at the employer’s company in Europe before the set deadline.

In case you encounter any difficulties, which could significantly increase the time for preparing the complete set of your Employment Pass application, please connect to our online chat support as soon as possible.

WARNING: If your documents don’t arrive at the employer’s company in Europe before the set deadline you will be rejected.



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